Dr Lindhs gata

Dr Lindhs gata 1, 3, 4 och 6

Building type

Eight-storey building with our apartments on the street level.


Three corridors, each with 5 furnished single rooms. There is a sink in each of the rooms. Each corridor has a bathroom and a WC.

4 × single room

1950's-style buildings full of variety

The street was named in the memory of Dr Carl Olof Forselius.Forselius was a keen observer of the housing situation in Göteborg in the 1920's and put great effort into providing housing for families with many children. The Guldheden district is located just southwest of central Göteborg and was rebuilt in 1949 – 53. By the tram turning space at Dr Bex gata and Dr Fries torg you find after-hours supermarkets. The area is close to Fysiken sports hall and Mossens idrottsplats (sports ground) with jogging tracks. At Guldhedens vattentorn (the water-tower) you can have a cup of coffee and a nice view of Göteborg.


  • Bike Storage

Custom centre

Kundcenter Utlanda is in charge of the keys to the flats in HögsbogatanDr Lindhs gata and in Frölunda - Marconigatan, Näverlursgatan and GånglåtenThey are also responsible for attending to faults in the flats, repairs, maintenance and inspections. You collect the keys here on arrival and return them here at departure.

Utlandagatan 24
412 80 Göteborg

+46 31-333 64 20

Office hours
Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm

Move in info

Welcome to Dr Lindhs gata!

SGS rent accomodation from BRF Dr Lind at Dr Lindhs gata.  

If you neeed to contact us, please use the contact form on the CIS-website, My pages.

If you rent a single room at Dr Lindhs gata 1, 3 and 6, electricity is included in the rent.

Inventory Dr Lindhs gata

A communal store at the entrance, the second door on the right-hand side.
The room key fits the lock.
Do not block the cleaning store inside.
You have one lockable wardrobe each in the corridor, the room key fits.

Household waste/recycling
The waste storage room is at the entrance floor.

The laundry is at the entrance floor. Book your washing shift with the booking cylinder. The washing hours are between 7 am and 10 pm and the electricity will be switched off at 10 pm.

Internet through fiber optics is installed in the rooms/apartments with the speed of 250/100mbit. You access internet by connecting your computer to the router placed in the room/apartment via an internet cable. The Internet fee is charged through the rental invoice. Please not that the internet speed may not be changed. For customer service or fault report, please contact Telenor at 020-22 22 22 or


TV through fiber optics is installed in the aprtment/room with a basic supply of 12 channels. You access these channels by connecting your tv to the digital tv box placed in your apartment/room. Please note that you may not add channels or order other services. For customer service or fault report, please contact Telenor at 020-22 22 22 or